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Are you asked to give to local charities and fundraisers? We are a small town manufacturing company. We make things that no one needs to survive, but  products that bring a smile to your face, and puts joy in your heart. We have been a part of the Norwalk community since we began in 1980, lending help in a multitude of ways.

Of course we have our favorite charities, both local and national.  All those behind The Hen House/ Ditz designs are a part of some kind of concern.  From United Fund  to the Humane Society,  Red Cross to Firelands Symphony,  we are engaged in our community.  We are a part of the churches, schools, city and county.  We live the call to be part of the area we live in. This is an immensely rewarding activity for us.

We just finished a fun project, that we learned about through our founder, Joyce Ditz. She was featured with 3 friends in a Calendar Girl project.  Maybe you remember the movie from 2003. Our latest adventure was with the Erie County Seniors, working on their “Smile Calendar”.  This fund raiser will aid seniors with dental care that isn’t covered by their insurance.

We are actually involved with 2 of the 2014 ‘calendar girls’ pictures. One 95 year old posed with our polar bears,  and 6 ladies (aged 68 – 87) created their Christmas shot with our black bears, wreaths  and Christmas trees.  We were able to have the group of ladies use our location and shop samples so they had no additional cost for the props.  Yes, we did have some prep work on our end, but aren’t we all here to help one another, and share the blessings we have received?

Our contributions have touched many of the folks in our area. There are so many opportunities for all of us to make a difference.  Last Christmas, we decorated our library’s children’s area for the arrival of Santa and reading time.  It was great fun, and both the kids and parents loved it.  We also decorate annually for the main fundraiser our school system has for scholarships.

Of course we are asked for donations all the time, as many businesses are.  One January, after the Atlanta Gift Show, we had over 20 requests from local fundraisers in a single week!  That is one every two hours during the work day!  No one can be expected to give free merchandise at that rate.  It is difficult to always give stuff away , so offering a facility or loaning decorations is a more effective way for us to give.

Let’s share ways to help our local community without causing damage to our businesses. We can make this a win-win!

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  1. James Snyder says:

    You have a one time sale in the fall at the Norwalk warehouse. When is it.

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